Challenge both body and mind in a workshop that integrates martial arts and philosophy into a single format. Explore the concepts of freedom, balance, submission, and mastery, through interdisciplinary exercises designed to highlight the key insights gained from both grappling and philosophy. Read the original vision that gave birth to this workshop for a richer context.


what participants of our event say

I loved the Philosophical Fight Club…many personal development focused workshops try to avoid the reality of conflict and aggression in the world and I think this often leads to repression as people seek some unrealistic ideal of conflictless altruism. By acknowledging the reality of conflict and reframing what our response to it might be the workshop provided a powerful model for how mastering the dynamics of conflict can provide a basis for truly compassionate actions.
Tom WilliamsonVP of Partnerships @ Raising IT
I would totally recommend the Philosophical Fight Club. It made me question and think about leadership, dominance, what to do with power, and who is actually controlling me. I think this workshop can go for 3+ hours easily! I wished we have had more time!
Mariana SantosFounder & CEO @ Chicas Poderosas
The Philosophical Fight Club was a beautiful opportunity to literally embody ideas. As a person very prone to think and not be so physical, I loved the practice of transferring wisdom from body to mind and the other way around.
Manuela VerduciDirect Academics Specialist @ Kiron Open Higher Education
I would recommend the Philosophical Fight Club to others – the combination of physical and mental fights are great and help to connect with your partner.
CLÉMENT JAVERZAC-GALYDoctoral Assistant @ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology



Martial Artist

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Certified Philosopher (BA, MA) and Entrepreneur